DeRace Jockey Club Rewards 🤩

2 min readOct 16, 2021

Howdy cowboys!

Opie Collection avatars which are your ticket to Exclusive DeRace Jockey Club will be available tomorrow, 17th of October 3 PM UTC, on OpenSea!🤩

Choose your favorite Opie and get ready in advance as there will be only 5000 Opie Collection avatars in total. Every item is a unique NFT asset and owning it is the only way to enter our Exclusive DeRace Jockey Club!

What are the DeRace Jockey Club Rewards?

Owning a one-of-a-kind Opie Collection avatar opens the door to the secret DeRace society and unlocks additional benefits!

Exclusive DeRace Jockey Club members will get access to:

  • Secret NFT horse drops
  • VIP invitations to in-game racing events
  • NFT horse lotteries
  • First ones to learn the major DeRace news
  • Early access to the game
  • and many many more…

We will share all the details of how to join the Exclusive DeRace Jockey Club Telegram group tomorrow!🤠

NFT sale details

There are only 5000 DeRace Opie Collection avatars in total, so don’t miss your chance to own one and join our Exclusive DeRace Jockey Club to get all the benefits!

The Opies that will be available on this sale are DeRace Opie 0–2500 (the first half of the collection). Other Opies will be sold for $DERC at a later date.

You can choose your Opie beforehand from the DeRace Jockey Club account here:

The price of the Opie Collection is between 0.09 to 0.14 WETH in the Polygon chain.

All the available Opies will show up in this link on 17th October, 3PM UTC:[sortAscending]=true&search[sortBy]=PRICE&search[toggles][0]=BUY_NOW

So what are you waiting for? Catch your favorite Opie and join the secret DeRace society😉

👉 If you don’t know how to transfer your ETH from Ethereum network to Polygon please address this link:

About DeRace

DeRace is a complete NFT horse racing ecosystem where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn profit while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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