Weekly Deep Dive of DeRace Features: Horse Performance

4 min readJan 12, 2022


Two weeks ago we successfully launched horse races — the central feature of the DeRace metaverse. Many of you have already raced your NFT horses at least once and some of you even over 300 times 🤯

We are getting close to 10.000 races run and we want to celebrate it by revealing some inside information about the races, NFT horses and other elements of the DeRace metaverse.

So read carefully, these insights might totally change the way you race!

❗️If you own a DeRace NFT horse then YOU MUST READ IT❗️

Our new segment — weekly deep dive of DeRace features — will provide the DeRace community with additional insights that will help you to plan your racing strategy.

In order to win you must race smart!

This week we will cover horse performance, so learn all you can to “hack” the races.

Hidden parameters of NFT horse 🐎

Each DeRace NFT horse has different hidden parameters which affects the general performance of the horse. These parameters are reaction time, speed and stamina.

  • Reaction time determines how fast your horse starts the race — leaves the starting gate.
  • Speed parameter determines the maximum potential speed that your horse can race with. NFT horses have different speed values for different surfaces which means thatyou need to discover which racetrack — dirt, turf or synthetic — is preferred by your horse.
  • Stamina determines for how long the horse can sustain specific speed and therefore affects the speed parameter. Stamina value will remain the same for all surfaces however, the usage will differ as some surfaces are easier to race on, compared to others.

It’s very important to understand that hidden parameters of the NFT horses play a role by increasing the chances of winning the race, however it does not guarantee it. Even a horse with the best parameters can have a bad day and a horse with lower parameters can cross the finish line first.

🏁 The general mechanics of the race

Current beta race engine is based around concepts that are widely used in pen & paper RPGs (Kristijonas likes Dungeons and Dragons 😀). So every race for every horse is an accumulation of dice rolls with horse stats — speed, stamina and reaction time — acting as modifiers.

Each furlong is split into 10 rolls for every horse, meaning that horse will get 20 calculations for 2 furlong races and 70 for a 7 furlong race. This approach allows us to add additional modifiers to existing algorithm in the future and sends an important message: having good stats does not automatically mean that you will always win the race. It means that you have a greater chance to perform well but just like in real life — anything can happen.

🛠 Additional race mechanics

DeRace NFT horses are also very competitive: they all want to win the race!

Horses who are lagging behind the leading horse get an additional boost because they all want to catch up to him. Once the distance between the leading horse and others decreases, the winning horse also gets an additional boost, since he does not want to lose the first place.

And so they go back and forth until the finish line is crossed and the winner is declared.

🔥 Another major parameter: race track surface

Horses perform differently in various hippodromes: some horses are faster on dirt, some on turf and some on synthetic surfaces.

Current races happen in Adem’s hippodrome which has a dirt surface. Some horses perform well on the dirt track and some not so well. The NFT horses that do not perform well on the dirt surface will perform better either on turf or on synthetic surface.

Speed parameters of NFT horses will be calculated differently on every surface. Each horse will have at least one “favourite” surface on which it will have a better chance to perform well than on others.

Every horse has their preferred race track surface where they perform exceptionally!

Your job as a horse owner is to discover that track by racing your horse.

The main lesson: know your horse 🤠

DeRace horses’ performance on the race track is affected by their hidden parameters as well as the surface preferences. And while the hidden parameters of the NFT horse have some influence on the winning chances, they do not guarantee the victory.

Generally horses with higher stats have a higher chance of winning, however, like in real-life, anything can happen on the racetrack. In order to increase the winning chances of your NFT horse you have to find out their preferred surface and then you’re unstoppable.

Do not leave the victory of your horse to chance! Discover the preferred surface of your horse, consider the inner workings of the races and race smart!

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn profit while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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